16 Facts About Teeth Your Probably Did Not Know

We know about oral health even as a child. Our parents have emphasized the importance of brushing our teeth to fight cavities.

We were made to visit the dentist, and probably even begged our parents to skip the appointment, trying hard to prove that our cute little teeth do not need a dentist’s help.

We hated cavities and tried our best to say no to our favorite sweet treats. We were also made to believe that a tooth fairy will surprise us if we keep our tooth under our pillow.

Still, no matter how familiar you are with your teeth, there are more to know about the perfect accessories to our prettiest smile.

Ready? Grab your pen and let’s begin our “did you know” session.

Did you know #1: Tooth decay is not a typical problem of kids during prehistoric times because sugar was not part of their diet.

Did you know #2: The hardest part of our body is the enamel, which is the topmost layer of the teeth and acts as a protector of our dentin.

Did you know #3: Regrowing the human teeth can happen in the future as they are found to contain stem cells.

Did you know #4: Teeth is useful in forensics. Like fingerprints, teeth are unique, meaning no person has the same teeth as you.

Did you know #5: Teeth are nonrepairable. When your adult teeth get damaged, dental treatments are necessary to restore them.

Did you know #6: Unlike humans, crocodiles can regrow their teeth.

Di you know #7: Humans only get two sets of teeth in their lifetime — baby teeth and adult teeth. On the other hand, sharks can have almost 40 sets of teeth.

Did you know #8: If our teeth are arranged in such manner where we have one row of teeth on our upper and lower jaw, sharks have three rows in both jaws!

Did you know #9: Bacteria is considered an infectious disease because the passing of bacteria from one person to another can cause it.

Did you know #10: During the Middle Ages in Germany, you may opt to pull your teeth than treat it as kissing a donkey is the only treatment available.

Did you know #11: There is a “Love Your Teeth Day” in China celebrated every September 20.

Did you know #12: A day of flossing can extend your life by six years!

Did you know #13: If you compile the time you spent brushing, it will total to 40 days of your life on average.

Did you know #14: The saliva we produce in our lifetime is at 25,000 quarts on average which can fill two swimming pools.

Did you know #15: If you think 7.6 billion people, which is our current world population, is too big a number, ready to be shocked as the number of bacteria inside your mouth is greater than that.

Did you know #16: Charcoal, ashes, lemon juice, and ashes served as people’s toothpaste before the present-day toothpaste came into the picture.